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How It Works

Meet Our Marketing Team

During this consultation, we understand and learn where you business stands today digitally. This helps us create a personalized marketing plan for execution.

Creation & Build

Our team builds out your website, blog, social media channels, local directories, and email campaigns, optimizing everything for local domination.

Campaign Execution

We execute in all the areas that are known to drive local customers. We focus on social media marketing, content marketing, and local SEO to ensure your business is setup for near and long term success.


We rinse and repeat our proven process week after week to ensure your business is always up to date and relevant. From blog posts, to social media, to Google My Business, we make you super relevant and fresh!

Everything is included: The Team, The Technology, The Growth!

All the ingredients for rapid growth!

High Converting Website

Having a high-quality, fast-loading website is essential for becoming visible online. The stunning design and functionality of your website will wow your website visitors. At, Four Elements Marketing we create beautiful websites that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Content Optimization

The best way to improve your website's ranking and to ensure that you are moving up in search results is to have great content. Four Elements Marketing can help you create and optimize content that will make a real difference for your business.

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Google My Business

Our team can help you make sure your GMB profile is fully optimized, including adding photos, publishing informative posts, and claiming your business listing. Having a strong GMB presence can help you attract more customers through local searches.

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Local Citations

We not only update you in all the local directories that matter to your Google rankings, but it also tells people where they can find you. When someone searches for your services nearby.

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Authoritative Backlinks

Four Elements Marketing will publish your business on websites that matter, helping you build authoritative backlinks. Think of this as street credit for being a local business owner.

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Social Posting

You can't afford to be left behind in today's digital landscape.Four Elements Marketing will publish content across all of your social channels, ensuring that you are always relevant and up-to-date with what people want from YOU.

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We help your company generate more reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. If you check the box for everything else - rankings will be better than ever.

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Near Me Technology

We help you get noticed when people search near me. Our hyper-local websites will show up in more local searches and make your service areas visible to potential customers who frequent that area.

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Email/SMS Campaigns

We know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers, so we send email and SMS campaigns tailored just for them. Our goal? To build trust while promoting ongoing relationships; making sure that each interaction leaves both parties feeling satisfied.

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Automated Follow-Up

We know how difficult it can be to follow up on leads. That's why we've automated the process! Our system will send text messages, emails, or phone calls right away when your potential customer responds positively with their contact information so that you never miss another opportunity again.

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Lead Management

Lead management is an arduous task that requires expertise and time. Four Elements Marketing has the perfect solution to save you hours of manual labor with their comprehensive lead management platform, which will help close more deals for your company.

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ROI, or return on investment is the most important factor for any company. We provide powerful reporting with proven results and trackable data that will show you how your efforts are stacking up against other companies in similar industries to see if they're paying off or not! .

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What Does Success Look Like

Local Restoration Company

This client's web presence was stagnant and online conversions were low. They needed a professional look for their target clients and a website that would convert prospects once they found them. This local business not only needed local SEO for their market, but a site that will convert leads.

We equipped this business with a very professional, well designed website that focused on call-to- action and high-quality content. We set up hand-picked local directories to generate online citations, which helps with local rankings and visibility. Our experienced content marketers developed and deployed fresh content in the form of blog posts and social posts; all while executing on a steady domain authority campaign building high quality backlinks.

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Four Elements Marketing

Why Choose Us

Four Elements Marketing was founded to serve in the Vancouver, area with a single objective: to help Small Business Owners get new customers using affordable solutions that help them to dominate their local market.

  • Your business is unique and deserves custom solutions. We craft and develop results for both small and large businesses.
  • We enhance the customer's experience and capture their attention by targeting your specific local market.

Expert Team

Our savvy team has years of experience and knowledge to help take your business to the next level.

Proven Process

We’ve spent over a decade fine-tuning our operations while efficiently delivering prominent results to clients.

Results Focused

At Four Elements Marketing, we get things done. We work to achieve the optimum outcome for your business.

Organic Strategy

We provide valuable organic marketing solutions that establish your site and business.

Four Elements Marketing

Design Studio

Small Business Packages

All Inclusive Local Campaigns

Local Base Setup
We know local and we know you need more than just a placeholder online. We design you a new website, write compelling content, set up a powerful blog and leverage Call-To-Actions, Automated Follow-up and Personalized content to ensure maximum lead conversions. We serve the Vancouver, area.

Hyper Local SEO
This is our bread and butter and we never cut corners. There is no magic potion for Local SEO. It takes dedication to high-quality content, local citation building and constant content updates to ensure local placement on search engines.

Social Media Marketing
Without a social media presence you will not rank on Google in larger and more competitive markets. Our expert social media marketers ensure that not only are you getting social media exposure, but are also showcasing your expertise at the local level.

Four Elements Marketing Conversion Technology
In each of our local internet marketing packages, we include our proprietary inbound marketing software & CRM that simplifies the task of managing your website, your leads, and your conversions

Return On Investment Visibility
All of our campaigns include tools such as SERP rankings, Analytics, Lead Tracking, and Phone Recording so you can map a true ROI.

Local Digital Marketing Programs

Specifically formulated for local domination!

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1 (877) 460-8523

  • Custom Site up to 10 Pages (+ Content & Optimization)
  • Lead Funnel Design & Setup (SMS, Email, Voice)
  • Blog Content 1x/week
  • GMB Setup & Optimization
  • GMB Posting 1x/Week
  • Local Citations 30x/Month
  • Daily Social Posts
  • Email/SMS Campaign 1x/Month
  • Reviews Boost 1x/Month
  • Near Me Technology (10 Service Area Websites)
  • Remarketing Ad Campaign
  • Full Four Elements Marketing Software Suite
  • Project Manager
  • No Contracts, Month-to-Month
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Customers Trust Us!

Four Elements Marketing has been providing small businesses with powerful digital marketing campaigns for more than 15 years in the Vancouver, area. We specialize in helping companies boost their return on investment by shifting ad funds from traditional methods to digital methods that actually get results.

Let's Talk!

Let us know a bit about you and one of our expert local internet marketing agents will schedule a call.

  • Convert more prospects when they find you.
  • Increase rankings on search engines.
  • Learn about closed-loop inbound technology.
  • Create better content and branding.
  • Generate a better ROI.

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